My 90's Valentine's Day Mixtape

Written by Emily Galloway

Okay, so perhaps the 90s have come and gone -- sob -- but the music that came out during that time is still around for easy listening. Sure, you are familiar with the greats like NSYNC and Brittany Spears, perhaps, but there are other more subtle artists and hits that are easier to swallow -- especially when it comes to telling that special someone how you feel.

If you’re looking to make a classic vintage mixtape using only 90s hits to convey your love, then here are some of the top faves that you just can’t miss when it comes to telling that special someone how you feel in a language you both understand (and miss).

Must haves in your 90s Mixtape for Valentines Day
Music is subjective, of course, but here are some virtually indisputable leaders for showing your love in music form! Plus, it makes you feel all the feels, which is what Valentine's Day is all about, right? Let’s bounce!

5. Can’t Stop Loving You: No one said that a love song has to be a lyrical and slow number, right?? Van Halen’s hit is certainly a great number to help you enjoy a great beat and still have all of that devotion, too. This number confirms that no matter what that special someone says or does, you won’t stop loving you. I mean, really, who doesn't love that kind of blind faith and love?

4. I Do It For You: If you want the slower, swaying numbers that make you just want to grab your someone and hold ‘em tight, this Bryan Adams favourite is a great one. Not only is it powerful and epic, it’s got bold claims about their presence in your life. Everything is about them, and your entire life revolves around them. Don’t we all wanna be the apple of someone’s eye?

3. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing: Most of us know this Aerosmith hit just from the title and it’s just one of those ones that makes you want to grab a mic and belt it out! It’s also heartwarming and romantic, explaining over and over, in many ways, how you don’t want to miss even a second of your life with that special someone.

2. You’re Still The One: A fun peppy and loving number, this is often a preferred one when you want to take a slower approach to your life with your loved one. Explaining over and over that they’re still going to be the one for everything , all the time, this is all about devotion and heartwarming prioritizing. Plus, it’s catchy, so...

1. My Heart Will Go On: This one needs no introduction, really. Celine Dion’s most popular hit, this one has been sung by basically everyone and it’s still enough to bring tears to your eyes. While it is tied up with the loss or love, perhaps, it’s also heartfelt and warm and just all about that special someone and how you think of nothing but them day and night. While you’re certainly going to want a box of tissue (or 5), it’s another one that you’re going to want to belt from the rooftops.

There were so many hits from the 90s that you could make 60 mixtapes for that loved one. These loving hits are sure to be great leaders, but you’re going to make sure that all of the top hits that make it on your tape are about the love story you’re looking to convey, too. Maybe even throw in a few of your special someone’s favourite hits, too, for extra points. Want to take the throwback to a whole new level? Why not make a literal mixtape? It’s a whole lot more personal than a Spotify playlist, and it’s going to be a great way to show your love in a physical form. Just don't forget to pair it with a cassette player, hmm? After all, they’re longer an easy find!

This Valentine’s Day, say it all the right way with a 90s themed mixtape filled with all of the best ballads and love songs to do it right!

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